Medallion Hunt


1.  Participants  must purchase a “Bluegill Button” before looking for the Medallion.

2.  Clues will  be posted online and can also be obtained at the following locations: the Richfield Township Hall, the Township Park Building,  The Hen House Restaurant, the Marathon Gas Station, Gill-Roy’s & Scotteez Apparel,  by 10:00 a.m. each day.

3.  Whom ever finds the Medallion must report the find immediately (as soon as possible) to (989) 632-1400.

4.  The finder must bring the Medallion to the location specified by the Committee Member who answers the phone to verify the find.

5.  A check for the $300 prize money will be made out to the finder and presented at the awards ceremony on Saturday.  The last day of the festival, in the Park Pavilion. The medallion must be shown to the Committee in exchange for the prize money.

The Medallion will only be hidden on public land. Members of the Bluegill Festival Committee are unable to participate or win the medallion hunt contest. – Note: Bluegill Festival Committee members are not aware of where the medallion is hidden.


 Clues  for the Medallion Hunt will be posted on our homepage CLICK HERE


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