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  • All vendors will start setting up at 10:00 am. Thursday  – The Bluegill Festival starts at 6:00 pm Thursday evening. Any early request of setting up must have the okay by the St. Helen Bluegill Festival committee one week prior to the date of the festival. NO TUESDAY SET UP ALLOWED!!
  • Previous vendors are given first opportunity to return to the same spaces.  All other vendors  are assigned the best available space as soon as their payment is received.
  • Because of the large return from previous Vendors, we request that you turn in your completed application as soon as possible with payment.
  • When you receive a rejection notice please contact us if you would like to be on the list to fill in for a no show space.
  • Please see a member of the Bluegill Festival upon arrival to find your assigned space.


  • Vendors are responsible for their own electric cords and RV plug adapters. 110 power MAY be available( There are NO 220 hook ups)
  • The vendors are responsible for their own property. St. Helen Bluegill Festival committee will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Food vendors will be responsible for providing the St. Helen Bluegill Festival Committee with a valid Michigan Health Dept. permit prior to setting up & contacting the Roscommon County Health Department 30 days prior to the festival.
  • Vendors are responsible in keeping their areas clean and clear of trash. Please use the large dumpsters for your garbage, leaving trash cans for the customers.


  • Separate Parking area will be provided for vendors
  • Vendors may also pay a low price for a camp site from Richfield Twp.
  • No vehicles will be allowed to park in vendor’s area, unless it is part of their set up. If there is such a circumstance the vendor must first get the approval from Bluegill Board President or Vendor Chairman before setting up.


    • All Payments must be in before setting up.
    • To insure your space you need to send a payment in as soon as possible.
    • Refunds will be available until May 30th, 2017.
    • Send payments to: St. Helen Bluegill Festival at the address listed below.

St. Helen Bluegill Festival
PO Box 532, St. Helen, MI 48656     (989) 632-1400

Download Vendor Registration

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