Daytona 500 Party


The Annual Daytona 500 Party is the first Bluegill Festival fundraiser of the year. It takes place in February at the Firehouse. Visit the Daytona 500 Party page for more

Events All Year Long


Bluegill Festival hosts several other community events and fundraisers throughout the year including, bake sales, Daytona 500 Party, spaghetti dinners and much more!

Festival Committee

It takes a dedicated Committee and Volunteers to keep this long running annual festival going. Meet our current committee and learn how you can volunteer.

70th Annual Bluegill Festival – June 13 – 15, 2019

RoscoWeekly6The first Bluegill Festival in St. Helen took place in 1949. Our Festival currently consists of carnival rides, car show, motorcycle show, medallion hunt, fishing contest, vendors, kids parade, grand parade, baseball games, fly in, adult beverage pavilion, live bands, bingo and much more.

The festival takes place each year in June.  It begins with areversefishn opening ceremony and kid’s parade on Thursday as vendors open for the action packed weekend. The beverage pavilion also opens up for business and the carnival rides are up and running.

Friday and Saturday is full of excitement. The St. Helen Bluegill Festival has been a family tradition for nearly 70 years.

St. Helen is the place to be in June. There is something for everyone and tons of fun for you at Exit 222.

Check out the schedule of events here:



  1. 1. What once began with 55 at 212 has now been dubbed the 222 and so begins our journey. Welcome home and head along as there is much to learn and even more to remember.
  2. Our past evolved from a District #4 education a cobble stones throw away from all that was to come. So travel back and see the sights as we continue this journey of a treasure hunt.
  3. Once a wading pool for St. Helen children and now a testament to time and shadows a tribute many forgone. This monument of memories pushes you along back the way one must travel to win.
  4. Now that we have traveled from one end to the other lets follow the path when the National Guard took the smallest parade in the state and made it the largest in the state as they perfectly timed their turn.
  5. After 70 years Lora Lee would be proud to know that her legacy lives on as we get close once again to the fun and festivities that make this weekend so great. You’ve definitely traveled the path but can you go further to find the reward?

1. Participants must purchase a Bluegill Button before looking for the medallion.

2. Clues will be posted online and can also be obtained at the following locations: The Richfield Township Hall, The Township Park Building, The Hen House Restaurant, St. Helen Hardware, Scotteez Apparel & More.

3. Whomever finds the medallion must report the find immediately (as soon as possible) to 989-632-1400.

4. The finder must bring the medallion to the location specified by the Committee Member who answers the phone to verify the find.

5. A check for the $300 prize money will be made out to the finder and presented at the awards ceremony on Saturday around 4:30 pm which is the last day of the festivalue in the park pavilion. The medallion must be returned to the Committee in exchange for the prize money.

Note: The Medallion will only be hidden on public land. Members of the Bluegill Festival Committee are not aware of where the medallion is hidden. The President hides the Medallion and writes the clues which are made known to everyone the day they are released.

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